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Mary Findley, Author

Mary's Complete Idiots Guide book - Green Cleaning
"Mary every home should have your book. It's my cleaning bible."
Pattie G. St Louis, Mo.

Welcome To Mary Moppins

Looking for solutions to cleaning problems? Tired of green cleaning products that don't work? Need cleaning solutions for your car, boat or RV? What about ideas to go green your home, yard and more?

You will find workable solutions to all these problems and more here at Mary Moppins.

Mary Findley, a sustainable living coach and veteran cleaning expert brings you all the latest green cleaning solutions and fresh new ideas. Her green cleaners do the job right and her mops and cleaning tools last for years to save you money and reduce carbon footprints on our Earth. Read Mary's blogs, sign up for her cleaning tips newsletter and pick up her book "The Complete Idiots Guide to Green Cleaning". Uncover the difference Mary's line of specially designed cleaning tools and industrial strength green cleaners make for you, your health and that of Mother Earth.

Mary Moppins News

Brand new to Mary Moppins are the 8 ounce bottles of the Aerobic Oxygen that originated in Calgary, Alberta Canada. This powerful product kills a variety of germs including Salmonella, Strep and E. Coli among a host of others. Plus it boosts the oxygen in your body for increased health benefits. It prevents mold builup in cisterns, water storage barrels and RV water tanks and is advisable to haul along on hiking trips to purify stream or lake water. 

Mary’s latest RV cleaning tips will be in the upcoming Beaver and Come 2 Oregon magazines.  

My tips for using vinegar are online with Quality Health

Mary will shortly be adding her newly acquired copper pitchers by Sartodo Copper used for ancient Ayurvedic traditions of copper for good health. 


Mary's Newest Cleaning Tips

Remove ring around the toilet with Mary's handy Erase It For Bathroom. It works like a pumice stone without the worry of scratching the toilet. Once the ring is gone, clean the toilet with diluted CleanEz. Then back the water out of the toilet. Dry the toilet and spray Mary's Advantage around the interior and wipe to spread evenly. Wait 10 minutes and return the water to the bowl. A UV protectant for cars, trucks, boats, RVs and motorcycles, Advantage contains polymers that make a surface slick so nothing sticks. Cleaning toilets has never been easier!